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Breathtaking Views at Sky City Cultural Center

The drive to the Pueblo of Acoma, located just west of Albuquerque, is one of New Mexico’s most scenic and historic, where you’ll experience breathtaking views and amazing rock formations. The Acoma “Haakumé” people have been living here in an ancient pueblo at the top of a tall mesa for over 1,000 years - the longest continuously inhabited settlement in North America. This is a place of mesmerizing, simple beauty. The Sky City Cultural Center and Haak’u Museum serves as the reception center for visitors to the Pueblo of Acoma.

Designed to represent ancestral architectural styles of the Acoma people using natural stacked stone and mud-plastered adobe, the Sky City Cultural Center captivates with well-organized tours and films. The Haak’u Museum houses one of the Southwest’s most exemplary collections of native pottery, with the most historic piece dated approximately 950 years old.

The Dr. Alfred E. Ditter Jr. Research Library, located within the Center, is a highly-valued reserve for indigenous studies. The mouthwatering Yaaká Café offers a diverse menu of Acoma traditional foods. Tribal member Chef Jay prepares fare like stuffed poblano battered and fried in cornmeal, served with green chile and sautéed squash, and fry bread hot out of the pan.

A walking tour winds through the streets of the pueblo while guides explain the “emergent story,” how the Acoma people came to the location, and how they live today. Stops along the way flaunt local art and fresh baked goods. The mission church, a National Historic Landmark, is an extraordinary edifice, especially considering the time and place of its construction. Climbing down the ancient trail used before there was a road to the top cuts visitors through the cleft in the mesa, and is the original 1000-year-old staircase still used by the “People of the White Rock.”

The Acoma history, spirituality and way of life is fascinating, from the days of the “ancient ones” through the Spanish presence, to the war hero code talkers in WWII to present day culture. Mark September second on your calendar, which holds the feast day of the Pueblo’s patron saint, San Estevan, when the village opens to outsiders to witness traditional dances and ceremonies.

The annual Tour de Acoma is a draw for two-wheeler enthusiasts from around the world. More than worthy of your bucket list, the Tour De Acoma is a 100, 50 and 25-mile bike challenge with breathtaking views of the Acoma and Laguna Pueblo’s. This is your chance to experience normally restricted tribal lands with opportunities for high-speed racing and uphill climbs.

USA Today rated Acoma Pueblo “Sky City” the number one Native experience in America. This unbelievably beautiful place might be the high point of your trip to New Mexico – an experience of an entirely different world.