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Once the summer crowds have packed up and gone home, Santa Fe celebrates the return of the city to the locals with the annual burning of Zozobra, a giant effigy stuffed with pieces of paper on which people have written down all of the ills of the past year. The puppet is hoisted up and, after a ceremony of fire dancing and music, is torched in the night as thousands in the crowd cheer his demise, and watch their woes of the past year burn away.

This is one of Santa Fe’s best-loved traditions, and it has been an annual rite since 1924, when artist Will Shuster created Zozobra, inspired by seeing the Holy Week celebration of Mexico’s Yaqui Indians.

This year, is the 91st installment of Zozobra and takes place in Fort Marcy Park. For more info, visit this website.

Burn Him! Scott Wiseman