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Classic Soul and Spoken Word Concerts by DSH Entertainment Inc.

~Sunshine on a cloudy day~

That feeling when you hear a classic tune from the Philadelphia Sound era: It’s impossible not to sing along and feel the groove. Watch what happens when you’re reminded of the vintage Stylistics tune “Betcha By Golly, Wow.” It’s going through your head now, right? It will probably be there all day. You’re welcome!

The sound of classic soul music is an American treasure that transcends borders and ethnicities. There can be very few people in the world today who haven’t been influenced in some way by the gospel/doo-wop merger that has influenced and informed rock, hip hop and rap. Those who were there at the emergence of soul music had the opportunity to watch it persuade sociopolitical inroads for a nation and a world, music for every man and woman to shake it together.

Now new generations are taking up these lyrics and reinventing them into contemporary music movements, never to be lost. Showcasing performers and music distinguished by intensity of feeling, sometimes political, often sexy, forever a dance party, DSH Entertainment, Inc., brings New Mexico and other regions of the US an on-going series of classic soul music concerts and spoken word performances.

With passionate styles of singing, lavish instrumentation and robust rhythms, DSH Entertainment Inc. presents live and in-person the unforgotten talents of The O’Jays, Stevie Wonder, Earth Wind & Fire, The Stylistics, The Spinners, The Whispers and other musical groups and artists to New Mexico stages, taking everyone attending this dance party “Back Down Memory Lane” with the superstars of soul music.

Sponsoring another class of expressive zeal, DSH Entertainment Inc., has added forums for poets and spoken word performers. A special guest that graced Albuquerque recently, thanks to DSH Entertainment, Inc., is the legendary Umar Bin Hassan, an original member of The Last Poets - by far one of the most revolutionary cultural groups to put words to music. A collaboration of poets and musicians who arose in the late 60s from the Civil Rights Movement, many attribute Umar Bin Hassan and The Last Poets as being the roots to rap and hip hop.

Yet, the most important part of DSH Entertainment, Inc.’s promotions is not providing these valuable venues and entertainment with unstoppable boogie beats and eye-opening poetic thoughts. The fact is, DSH Entertainment, Inc. is the fundraising division of The ADH Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization that provides scholarships for kids to attend the U.S. Space and Rocket Center Space Camp every summer. With money raised through DSH Entertainment, Inc., The ADH Foundation, Inc. also sponsors college campus expeditions for youth.

The ultimate mission is to reach kids, show them opportunities and give them the tools to set and reach goals before they become “at risk.” The ADH Foundation, Inc. doesn’t stop there with their outreach. They are also responsible for sending mentors into correctional facilities to help inmates prepare to become productive citizens once they are released back into the community through educational and job training opportunities. So while you shake your booty at one of DSH Entertainment, Inc.’s concerts, you are helping it to create a better society – just like the soul music you’re listening to intended.

See the concert series schedule at DSH Entertainment, Inc.‘s website and find them on Facebook. See more about the A.D.H. Foundation, Inc. and more about their amazing Space Camp opportunities at or

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