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Customized Day Trips at Enchanted Journeys de Santa Fe

Your desires will create your journey! It’s going to be a fabulous day.

Arriving at your door in the early-morning, she gives you a smile and hands you a cup of coffee while you load in the SUV. She already knows you’re interested in vistas, history, hiking and Georgia O’Keeffe. She also knows that you have no real idea of what to expect, just a sense of what you’ve heard: Northern New Mexico has beautiful views, nice churches, cool ancient Indian buildings. She also knows you need to be back by 3 p.m. for a meeting and then dinner. Sit back and watch the dramatic sky- and landscapes unfold in a moving tableau, while you ride from destination to destination specifically tailored for you. Dene Canon’s love and knowledge of all things New Mexico makes for a wonderful time, wherever you decide to go. As the owner of Enchanted Journeys de Santa Fe, Dene knows the history of Santa Fe and the Pueblo culture, and is an avid environmentalist. Her knowledge of all things New Mexico makes for a truly educational, entertaining, and relaxing individualized journey.

Enchanted Journeys–the only transportation company offering personalized service in Santa Fe–offers a variety of possible routes that deliver you comfortably to and from the nearby ancient sites and colorful places that travelers love to see when visiting Santa Fe: a day of shopping in Taos, dinner at a historic restaurant in Chimayo, wine tasting at a fabulous award-winning vineyard estate, hiking in Bandelier National Park, exploring Georgia O’Keeffe country. These destinations are much more enjoyable when unbothered by the stress of driving in unfamiliar territory.

Often referred to as “the best tour guide in Santa Fe” by online reviewers, Dene Canon developed Enchanted Journeys de Santa Fe after 30 years of working in the travel industry. Always curious, Dene mines New Mexico for that interesting story and provides her clients the perfect interaction with the culture of New Mexico based on their requisites. Informed, engaged and charming, Dene knows travel, and most importantly, exactly where to go! From astronomy adventures, to the stunning Tent Rocks National Monument, to the best spots for Northern New Mexican cuisine, Enchanted Journeys de Santa Fe is an authentic, one-on-one experience that will help you fall further in love with New Mexico.

Pick an individual journey or combine a couple for a full day of adventure - the planning can be as much fun as the trip. Enchanted Journeys de Santa Fe’s website has suggestions, or feel free to give them a call at (505) 310-3883. They’ll help you plan. Your desires will create your journey.

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