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Inn of the Governors Offers Deluxe, Affordable Accommodations

The Inn of the Governors is one of the premiere Santa Fe hotels located in downtown Santa Fe and it is a gem of a value. So much hospitality is offered here that the Inn of the Governors is famous for its long list of many repeat guests. A review on was written by someone whose family has been staying here for 30 years, and the overall review ratings are huge. It’s not a surprise – this sparkler in the heart of old Santa Fe is a distinct blend of Santa Fe rustic meets boutique. There are countless exceptional touches, but among them are deluxe rooms (most have fireplaces), stunning flower baskets along the balconies (in winter they contain gorgeous dried arrangements), daily tea and sherry hours and a complimentary Mountain Sunrise Breakfast. It’s not going to take long before you start to feel the immense value you are being rewarded.

Shall we go on? You are just a block from the fabulous historical plaza. Your parking is free. Your Wi-Fi is free. There’s a year-round heated swimming pool—have your dinner out there and watch the sunset! As a guest, you’ll receive daily coupons for $15 at the hotel restaurant.

Which brings us to Del Charro Saloon: There are a couple of areas you can choose to spend your time. There is the always-open outdoor patio area, covered and heated in the winter with a magnificent kiva fire burning merrily away. The interior part of the saloon provides a solid atmosphere of Santa Fe local flare. Del Charro was voted Santa Fe’s Best Bar in the Reporter’s annual “Best of Santa Fe” publication, and also is credited for making some of the most supreme margaritas in the City Different. Combine these awards with another for the most affordable restaurant and now you know why this is the preferred downtown spot for Santa Fe’s hungry and thirsty natives.

There is no doubt the Inn’s staff want you there and they work at creating distinct packages for a unique Santa Fe experience. Visit their website to see all the details and the surprising low cost.

If your idea of comfort includes deluxe accommodations, great food and drink and good company in a genuine Santa Fe atmosphere, conider the Inn of the Governors. The greatest value of having these good people around you is not what you get from them, but the better person you become because of them.
Here is their info:

101 West Alameda St., Santa Fe, NM 87501

Reservations: 800-234-4534

Local: 505-982-4333

Visit their website.

Location : 101 West Alameda Street

Phone : (505) 982-4333



Hotel Lobby: 24/7