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La Casa Sena is Steeped in History

“Everything we learn in life can be learned from musicals.”

Built in 1868, long before New Mexico became a state, Sena Plaza is an old hacienda-style adobe, one of the oldest surviving houses in Santa Fe, and it’s simply one of the most beautiful locations in the City Different. This is a supreme photo-op for your visit – an Old World garden setting built around one of the most magnificent cottonwood trees in the city, just across the street from the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi. This is where you find La Casa Sena, a combination of the ultimate in Santa Fe dining elegance, along with skirt-flying raw Broadway cantina joy. Enjoy both, or take your choice. La Casa Sena gets five stars for atmosphere and originality—there is no other experience like it in Santa Fe.

While you visit, enjoy the extraordinary history of this site (El Senor y Senora Sena along with their 22 children were Santa Fe royals). But we’ll spare the chronicled illustriousness here so we can go on about the experience of La Casa Sena. Being the dignitaries that the Sena family was, there has always been extraordinary food on this site, serving the finest cuisine of the region, featuring venison, rabbit, buffalo and the many chiles native to this area. La Casa Sena has continued this tradition for more than 30 years.

Chef Patrick Gharrity is a dedicated chef, proudly featuring New Mexican products, flavors and configurations throughout his menus. His desire is to stimulate the imagination of the guests as well as their palate. Ultimately, he leaves you completely satisfied.

Imagine Aztec dusted salmon, pan seared with spiced mocha crust, yellow mole, quinoa-radicchio salad, and mango-sesame dressing. Or think grilled New Mexico Beef short ribs, Cabernet- whipped purple potatoes, steamed asparagus, with a truffled veal demi-glace. From a guacamole starter to the habanero sugar creme brulée dessert and the signature sangria, cool summer cucumber vodka, or a bacon infused bourbon Manhattan, every item is flavorful, perfectly timed and served with a balance of fun banter and knowledge.

Here is where we mention that most of the servers sing Broadway in the Cantina during the night to the popular refrains of Santa Fe’s best piano whisperers, and they are truly talented. Special evenings have the staff performing anything from favorites like Nunsense or the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and once a month they invite the never-a-drag, only-a-queen, Bella Deganti.

An added component to La Casa Sena savior-faire is La Casa Sena Wine Shop, which received the Wine Spectators Best Award of Excellence for 18 consecutive years. Many who have been here will tell you they have never had a better evening in Santa Fe than at La Casa Sena. Between the magical outdoor patio, the serene yet striking elegance of the interior of the restaurant, the unquestionable culinary experience, the surprising talent and hubaloo of the cantina scene, and the extraordinary wine shop, you will be talking about La Casa Sena for a long time. Visit their website.

125 E Palace Ave, Santa Fe, NM 87501

(505) 988-9232

Location : 125 East Palace Avenue

Phone : (505) 988-9232



Monday-Wednesday 11am-9pm; Thursday-Sunday 11am-10pm