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Travel Safely with Le Bon Voyage

“Our battered suitcases were piled on the sidewalk again; we had longer ways to go. But no matter, the road is life.” – Jack Kerouac

Against all forewarning, your travels may lead you into trying exotic, nefarious and sumptuous fare resulting in indignant digestive consequences. A Parisian may be rude to you. Or you may suffer thievery. It is with these foolhardy and adventurous scenarios in mind, along with so many possible globe-trotting situations, that we introduce you to Le Bon Voyage of Santa Fe, where discussions of protection and worldly education are all in a day’s work.

Le Bon Voyage has been in business in the same spot serving local and international customers since 1986. Located in the Historic Railyard District, the shop’s specialists are here to advise you on touring insights and the right products for your travel. They have the latest and greatest and coolest and safest array of innovators, including Briggs and Riley, Baggallini, Tumi, Victorinox and Travel Pro luggage.

Being a small business owner, proprietor Jim Webb, an ardent traveler, doesn’t get out as far as he would like (he and his wife love India), although hiking Utah and the Mojave Desert make their way into his calendar. Still, he is an expert in new-world security measures for travelers. Did you know that a person can retrieve information from the magnetic strip of their credit card from 50 feet away? Did you also know that Jim Webb and Le Bon Voyage have all the gear you will need to make sure that doesn’t happen? Select from anti-theft travel wallets, security neck pouches, money belts, RFID blocking wallets (radio-frequency identification is how the pirates get your plastic money info), hidden wallets, and SAFE hip bags. Le Bon Voyage of Santa Fe is here so you will have safe and easy travels. They do this for you seven days a week. Visit their website.

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