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Rare Drinks and Fine Food are The Teahouse’s Special-Tea

For centuries and across numerous cultures, tea has been regarded as a powerful, and in some cases spiritual, beverage. Originating in China as a medicinal drink, tea and the sometimes ceremonial act of steeping and drinking it, has spread the world-over and become the second most consumed beverage on the planet behind water. Since the first recorded consumption of tea in the 10th century BC, the drink has become a focal point of social gatherings in nearly every culture on Earth from high-societal English tea parties to Japanese and Chinese tea ceremonies; tea is very much a culture in and of itself. This culture thrives in Santa Fe at The Teahouse, where they don’t just serve tea, they live it.

Just like the Green Tea Macha White Chocolate Chip Cookie (a local favorite), everything about The Teahouse is infused with a tea-centric lifestyle. The drink selection boasts over 180 teas, sourced everywhere from China, India and Japan, to Sri Lanka, and even right here in Santa Fe. Patron favorites include the “Ginger Fresh” Ayurvedic and a surprising variety of Earl Grey’s. For the more adventurous, rare and specialty teas, like the super-rare “Freak of Nature Oolong” (grown where there is a very large daily temperature fluctuation, which creates “outrageous buttery shortbread notes”), and a pleasant selection of “blooming” teas, should not be missed. The connoisseur will be excited to see that The Teahouse’s selection also includes “ceremonial grade” matcha, a claim that no other café or restaurant in Santa Fe can make.

Featuring what could be called “Santa Fe’s best sipping patio”, the Teahouse provides the perfect venue to enjoy it. Located at the “top” of Canyon Road amongst the galleries and artist studiost, a perfect corner location on Palace and Canyon Road hosts a patio and garden that Georgia O’Keefe could envy. When the weather outside is less than appropriate for a nice tea time, the thoughtfully decorated interior of the establishment is just as welcoming, in an atmosphere reminiscent of a Mediterranean cafe. This is where The Teahouse certainly exceeds expectations. On top of having, arguably, the most extensive and best curated tea and beverage list in Northern New Mexico, The Teahouse offers a just as well curated food menu as well.

Amazingly, considering the extent of the drink menu, any of the highly-informed staff would be happy to suggest the perfect pairing of meals and beverages. How one can not only remember each of the ever-changing hundreds of tea selections on the menu, but know that the Black Pearl Oolong will complement the Lasagna Bolognese just right, is a mystery only The Teahouse knows.

Fortunately, “tea time” can be anytime at The Teahouse, as both the breakfast and lunch menu’s are served until 5pm. After 5, patrons can enjoy the up-scaled dinner menu. The Teahouse does not discriminate on the basis of tea or coffee preferences, and therefore offer coffee and espresso drinks, too.

Whether it’s the excitingly new menu, rare and specialty teas, or simply a nice place to enjoy either (or both), The Teahouse has all the bases covered. If you’re looking for tea paradise, The Teahouse is certainly a ‘steep’ in the right direction.

Location : 821 Canyon Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87501

Phone : (505) 992-0972



Daily, 9 AM - 9 PM


“The scones, coffee, and bread (with jam and brie) were all decidedly delicious.”

“Great tea selection, fantastic oatmeal.” 2 reviewers

“I will definitely be going back so as to enjoy the beer and wineselections.”