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Revive Mind and Body at The Spa at Hotel Santa Fe

Drift ~

Upon entering the Spa at Hotel Santa Fe, one is immersed fully in nature’s elements. The highly-trained technicians and state-of-the-art, mood-enhancing spa treatments draw upon a variety of modalities, specialized services and luxurious botanical treatments to create a unique, personal experience for visitors. From Ayurvedic therapies, body therapeutics, skin care cures and nail nurturing, the Spa will ensure that you float gently away on a cloud of relaxation.

Inspired by the plants of mountains and meadows, the treatments at the Spa at Hotel Santa Fe take you back to nature and provide delightful sensory stimulation by using simple, wholesome ingredients and traditional holistic methods.

Herbal wraps detoxify as you are enveloped in warm aromatic linens. Premium blue-green algae blended with French green clay replenishes valuable nutrients and make you feel revitalized and energized. Scrubs of orange, fennel, grapefruit and finely ground apricot seeds naturally exfoliate and gently clean so your whole self will feel renewed and refreshed. Relaxing heat treatments with specially formulated herbs allow your mind to let go as you drift off into deep relaxation, ultimately feeling blissfully comfortable in your body again. Share the relaxation with a close friend, family member or significant other while two therapists perform simultaneous massages, clearing toxins, promoting healing, and balancing subtle body energies.

The customized therapeutics at the Spa at the Hotel Santa Fe are experiences in true physical transformation in a setting that highlights the sense of the Southwest. The Hotel Santa Fe is renowned for its gracious service and its collection of beautiful buildings with warm, gem-like tones, impressive timber beams, and the ultimate in comfort.

The Spa at the Hotel Santa Fe is a fitting extension, offering the relaxing powers of touch and aroma.

Allow yourself to retreat into a healing journey. See the extensive list of replenishing and purifying treatments at the website or call 505-955-7844.

Location : 725 Cerrillos Rd, Santa Fe, NM

Phone : (855) 825-9876