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Cooking with the Santa Fe Culinary Academy

“Food is essential to life; therefore, make it good and make it well.”

As if it could get any better, the culinary landscape of Santa Fe has expanded with the addition of one of New Mexico’s most exciting educational endeavors, the Santa Fe Culinary Academy (SFCA).

Located in the heart of the beautiful historic district of Santa Fe, SFCA offers specific style community cooking classes led by a variety of teachers, such as the professional chef instructors on staff, local cookbook authors, members of the Santa Fe restaurant community, and visiting celebrity chefs. Here, you can learn techniques on a spectrum of styles, from gluten-free baking to vegan Asian to Northern Indian cuisine. SFCA also offers a unique one-year Professional Culinary Program.

Starting every year in September, the one-year program prepares students to embark on an edible voyage with all the right tools. The academy’s approach embraces relevant, long-standing methods and classical French technique as a foundation. Combine this with a holistic approach to understanding current food trends and restaurant styles and you have a richly informed experiential program. The versatile nature of the curriculum and low student-to-teacher ratio help create a learning environment that is exceptional in the heart of one of the country’s most exquisite historical cities, and SFCA remains a bestowing resource even after graduation.

One of the effective and fun ways the Santa Fe Culinary Academy offers students to gain exposure of their skills is participating in the evolving popular culture of pop-up restaurants. They have a distinctive student restaurant, and offer a one-of-a-kind event space. All gratuities are donated to the SFCA’s need-based scholarships.

Headed by founders Tanya Story (visual artist, executive pastry chef, campus director) and Rocky Durham (Santa Fe native son, culinary anthropologist, executive chef), the academy’s techniques reflect extensive experience and travels, garnering a deeply-evidenced global understanding and awareness of world cultures. Read more about their truly interesting stories.

Aligned with a variety of Santa Fe’s full-service hotels, there are many promotional packages to choose from for a first-rate culinary vacation. Every review on TripAdvisor gives the Santa Fe Culinary Academy the highest rating, with comments like:

“A French feast!”
“More than useful, it was a very fun evening.”
“We didn’t have recipes, just the freedom to use our imagination and take advantage of tips from the staff and professional kitchen facilities.”
“A cooking class at the Santa Fe Culinary Academy became the highlight of our trip to Santa Fe.”
“Foodies in the know should know about SFCA pop-up dinners.”
“Amazing Day at SFCA.”

The website is delicious with information, including recipes,demonstration videos, and the course catalog.


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