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The New Mexico Museum of Art

Downtown Santa Fe hosts many amazing experiences – architecture, history, culture, shopping, and, of course, art. The New Mexico Museum of Art, housed in authentic Santa Fe architecture (the first building that began what is now known as “Santa Fe Style), is such a find. Continually rotating exhibits, an array of donated collections, an enthusiastic, warm staff all provide a profound, yet approachable art experience.

Located kitty-corner from the plaza, the Museum is currently showing “Colors of the Southwest,” “Gustave Bauman and New Mexico,” “That Multitudes May Share: Building the Museum of Art,” “Looking Forward Looking Back,” and last but not least by any stretch, “O’Keeffe in Process.”

As part of the Santa Fe 2015 “Summer of Color,” the exhibit “Colors of the Southwest” speaks to the draw colors and light have to artists of all generations to the Southwest. The art displayed ranges from paintings to ceramics, with a vast array in between. The list of artists is equally as diverse. The exhibit wraps up September 20, just as the Santa Fe aspens “exhibit” their enlivening colors, so make haste downtown to partake in a rich celebration of color and art.

The remaining current exhibits run into January, providing a range of artistic and historical context. Two of which highlight the region’s powerful pull on national and internationally respected artists.

Though Gustave Baumann is best known for woodblock prints, he also made European style marionettes, paintings, and worked in commercial art. His influences range from Chicago, Germany, Indiana, Connecticut, Massachusetts, to New York. Finally landing in Santa Fe with international notoriety, but without much money, he ended up working out of the basement at the Museum of Art thanks to the museum director at the time, where he developed expressions reflecting the New Mexico chapter in his life.

Georgia O’Keeffe’s name has become synonymous with New Mexico even though her artistic styles evolved through many stages and states. Her depiction of our state’s landscapes, bones, the expansive sky, and flowers draw myriad visitors to Santa Fe and Abiquiu year after year. “O’Keeffe in Process” opened September 11 and runs through January 17. This exhibit brings together her artistic journey into one space, creating a conversation about her process and technical, art-making technique.

“An American Modernism,” opening October 2, is a companion exhibit to the “O’Keeffe in Process” – exploring the development and impact of Modernism on 20th century art. Similar to “Colors of the Southwest’s” partnership with the City’s “Summer of Color,” this exhibit collaborates the citywide collaboration “The Fall of Modernism,” which is anchored at the New Mexico Museum of Art.

Future exhibits are equally enticing. “First Folio” is a national traveling exhibit of Shakespeare’s First Folio, one of the world’s most treasured books. It is the first complete collection of his plays, published in 1623. The book is on tour in 2016 to commemorate the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, seven years before his works were anthologized. “Medieval to Metal: The Art & Evolution of the Guitar” allows visitors to not only view over 40 instruments ranging from rare to antique to the wildly popular and innovative guitar designs.

Keep visiting the website for ongoing information. You may also telephone at 505.476.5072. Even better, visit the museum at 107 W. Palace in person to fully enjoy one of downtown Santa Fe’s great gems.

Location : 107 W. Palace Ave., Santa Fe, NM 87501

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