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Classic BBQ Fare & More at The Ranch House Restaurant

The river always runs one way, and it runs to something bigger

True fact: The West was won by the mystery and mastery of American Cowboy cuisine! The smoky, savory experience is indelible, even if you’ve only tried it on a few occasions. Old West nourishment has a champion here in the City Different at the Ranch House Restaurant, a polished smokehouse bistro realized in warm western elegance and comfort.

A full bar, two large dining rooms and two capacious patios provide seating for many hungry patrons, while a relaxed lounge will ensure your comfort should you have to wait for a table. Brisket, pork, baby back ribs and chicken are prepared low-and-slow over Texas brown oak, and as with all great smokehouse meats, sauce is wholly unnecessary, though the restaurant serves sauces that ameliorate rather than overpower the natural flavors.

While there is the usual fare—crispy onions, a baked potato, BBQ beans and blue-ribbon cornbread (outstanding with just the right density–not too flaky and not too dense, with buttery undertones and a sweet profile punctuated by the piquancy of green chile flecks— the Ranch House also offers gorgeous fresh garden salads (the goat cheese and apple salad with a small side of brisket is, oh yes, delish), and calabacitas that have been praised as the very best anywhere. The entire menu pairs perfectly with the impressive array of taps, select wines or signature cocktails. A great place to fall off the chuck wagon, the bar offers the Ultimate Mule, a house-made vanilla-permeated vodka with ginger beer and fresh lime, or the Cucumber Collins, cucumber-Infused Hacienda Gin, fresh lemon sour, and soda water.

Devoted to the belief that where your food comes from matters, the Ranch House is an enthusiastic farm-to-table restaurant‚ owner and chef Josh Baum buys locally sourced meats and produce. And he’s considered the variety of modern diet restrictions, so the Ranch menu provides options that will work for most everyone, including gluten-free preferences.

Don’t worry about biting off more than you can chew; your mouth is probably a whole lot bigger than you think, especially once you settle in and let the kitchen aromas do their magic. Located on the south side off of Cerrillos Rd., the Ranch House Restaurant is a convenient stop near I-25. Visit their website.

11 - 9 Mon / Tue / Wed / Thu

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11 - 9 Sunday

Happy Hour 4 to 6 pm

2571 Cristo’s Rd


Location : 2571 Cristos Road

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Sunday - Thursday: 11am - 9pm