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Tiny’s Restaurant & Lounge

Often, Santa Fe locals and visitors alike can be overheard exchanging their opinions on the “best of,” whatever it may be. In a town with so much to offer in dining, drinks, and entertainment, it’s no surprise that the conversation can and does quickly turn to Tiny’s (as it is known, truncated by patrons as well as management). This Santa Fe favorite offers to many what is considered “the best” in just about everything that can be argued. It’s rare in Santa Fe to find a place that can boast “the best” of any one thing – much more rare is an establishment that can deliver on multiple “bests” at once. Whatever one may be looking for, chances are they can find it at Tiny’s.

Tiny’s has been cherished by local patrons as a “Cheers-esque” place, where everybody knows your name. Tiny’s has a true sense of place and community. They’ve assimilated the vibrant culture that is Santa Fe, not only through the authentic New Mexican menu, but the daily live entertainment, and locally sourced artworks that adorn the entirety of the bar and restaurant.

A number of restaurants in Santa Fe boast that they serve the best New Mexican cuisine. Tiny’s menu easily contends, consisting of New Mexican favorites like chile relleno, enchiladas, or tamales – this kitchen shines at serving New Mexico’s best recipes. Regulars say it’s “just like mom used to make.” Perfect example: If you’re going to smother an enchilada plate with Christmas (red AND green chile sauce), you need to do so vertically, not horizontally, so as to disperse each chile in the most effective way in relation the the location of given enchiladas. This is a nuance not lost on Tiny’s.

Tiny’s has shown their die-hard support of the local artistic and musical communities, not only by booking live music nearly every night of the week, but also by the recent installation of a new stage, dance floor, and sound and lighting system. Most acts booked for any given week are considered officially and unofficially to be some of the best talent in the area. Likewise, some of Santa Fe’s most talented visual artists adorn the walls, which wind around the building allowing for what must be another record: Most booth seating in Santa Fe. Without exaggeration, Tiny’s has enough seating room to house a small convention, which, in the case there is no convention in town, can lend itself nicely to the overflow from the dance floor at night, as well as provide a legitimately separated environment for patrons who would rather take in only one “best” at a time. A true and understanding marriage of “Dine and Dance” which happens to be the slogan printed on the monthly music calendars posted at the entrance. For those perfect times to sit outside, Tiny’s once again accommodates with a beautiful interior courtyard.

If there’s anything that says “Santa Fe,” it’s the combination of art, music, and great food. Nowhere else in the city can you find a place that can offer all of that, all of it curated with incredibly keen understanding of local culture. With extensive free parking in a great central location, next time you find yourself in a discussion about “the best of” whatever it may be, just hold up your hand dramatically, and say “Tiny’s”.

Location : 1005 South Saint Francis Drive, Santa Fe, NM 87505

Phone : (505) 983-9817



Monday 11:00 am – 11:00 pm | Tuesday 11:00 am – 12:00 am | Wednesday 11:00 am – 12:30 am | Thur - Sat 11:00 am – 1:30 am

Brittany Hildebrand

I got take out and it was really good. The portions are huge! I’m not from NM so I really enjoyed getting to taste the local cuisine. I would eat here again for sure. Note: the Google map directions are wrong; it’s across the street.

James Halford

Tiny’s has always been a family favorite. We have been going there since I was a kid. Good food.

Jessica Camacho

We happened upon this restaurant by accident after driving around for 30 minutes looking for a place to eat. Hungry and exhausted, we were super happy with the quick service and good food. Definitely worth a return visit next time we’re in town.

Tiny's Restaurant & Lounge Braden Anderson
Tiny's Restaurant & Lounge Braden Anderson
Tiny's Restaurant & Lounge Jess Preston
Tiny's Restaurant & Lounge Braden Anderson
Tiny's Restaurant & Lounge Jess Preston