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Ventana Fine Art Showcases Contemporary American Art and Sculpture

Artists are, at heart, opportunity-seekers who transform the world around us. Celebrating 30 years of representing contemporary American artists, Ventana Fine Art is located on colorful Canyon Rd, housed in a 107-year-old schoolhouse built before NM was a state. This handsome example of early New Mexico architecture has had many incarnations, from a school to an indigenous animal zoo. The incarnation of the past 40 years has been a fine art gallery, and for the last 18 years it has been the base of Ventana Fine Art, championed by a Santa Fe force of nature, Connie Axton. Driven by bold color and original explorations, Ms. Axton and Ventana Fine Art represent only the most courageous artistic professionals such as legendary art star John Nieto (his vibrant colors and strong, assertive lines have been the cornerstone for Ventana since it was established), John Axton (simple, haunting, soft and trippy), and Mark Davis (three-dimensional suspended poetry). And these are only a few of the bold that Ventana has gathered for us to witness the incorruptible excellence of artistic expression.

Santa Fe is known as a top player in art in America, and Connie Axton and Ventana Fine Art are at the forefront of several charitable art organizations that keep that energy alive and vigorous. She heads Canyon Road Merchants Association and hosts the annual Passport to the Arts, a live auction situated at the Ventana Fine Arts grounds. Ten percent of the profits are delivered to Santa Fe’s public school music program. Ms. Axton is also at the helm of ArtSmart, founded to address the lack of funding for art programs and supplies in Santa Fe public schools. Every year ARTsmart organizes ARTfeast, along with a fall golf tournament to fund the creative thinkers of tomorrow. ARTsmart will have distributed over $1,000,000 to ARTsmart projects, public school programs, art related organizations and endowment funds.

When you visit Ventana Fine Art, you not only visit the grounds that represent an exquisite history, but are in the company of artists of intense individual expression and a director ensuring Santa Fe remains a preeminent force in the art community and art world. Ventana Fine Art is located at 400 Canyon Rd, a supreme introduction to this vibrant art row. See their website for a list of events and all the talent they represent.

Location : Ventana Fine Art, 400 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, NM, 87501

Phone : 1 (800) 746-8815



Monday-Saturday 9:30am-5pm, Sunday 10am-4pm