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Visual Art Abounds at VERVE Gallery of Photography

Photography helps people see. It alters life by holding it still.

This is the golden age of photography. There is inspiration all around us. People consume photography more than they ever did thanks to social media outlets like Facebook, Instagram, blogs, and “best of” compilations. But the fine art of photography is hypnotic and perplexing and will illustrate distinctive, imaginative, creative work. And where there are these creative minds and their imagery, there is always a provocative conversation.

VERVE Gallery of Photography, located in downtown Santa Fe just two blocks north east of the Main Plaza at 219 East Marcy Street, is the leading purveyor of the most courageous creatives in every genre of contemporary fine art photography. Housing and exhibiting masterpieces in documentary, figure studies, still life, landscape, conceptual, experimental, photomontage, and alternative process photography, VERVE’s artists discover, create, and capture the points of intersection between seeing and being – they live for, and create, amazing moments.

A member of the Association of International Photo Art Dealers, VERVE Gallery of Photography is a gorgeous and inviting space near the historic Santa Fe plaza, providing a visual, if not emotional, experience to your sense of Santa Fe. The virtuosos of camera and imagery represented are local and worldwide and are the most courageous talents in the photographic world. All are masters of storytelling with a single image, whether photojournalists, digital artists, portraitists, or unclassifiables. From Manuel Carrillo, Nevada Weir, Janet Russek and Jennifer Schlesinger-Hanson to Stanko Abazic, Susan Kae Grant, and Ryuijie, experimentation, expression, and boundless vision are the metrics at VERVE.

Creativity in photography is about seeing the light, it’s about trying new things, and it’s about that lofty goal of storytelling with a single image. Visiting Verve puts you in the soul of the medium. Visiting VERVE will reveal the limits you didn’t realize you had and encourage you to remove them.

VERVE Gallery of Photography

219 East Marcy Street

505.982.5009VERVE Gallery of Photography

219 East Marcy Street


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Location : 219 East Marcy Street

Phone : (505) 982-5009



Tuesday - Saturday, 11am - 5pm and by appointment


'Land 2' by Van Chu
'Cloud Caster' by Maggie Taylor
'Storm Cloud Over Black Mesa' by Don Kirby
'Phenomena' by Ysabel LeMay